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Landlord Additional Services To Premises

Jan 30, 2014 | Article 

Written by Dennis Daoust
(The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2014)

This topic deals with the kinds of ongoing services that tenants might require from landlords in office buildings and that are in addition to services, such as janitorial services, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, lighting, and other normal services typically dealt with in standard lease forms.  The kinds of additional services with which this paper is concerned are those ongoing services that would be provided in a separate agreement or in non-standard clauses that are added to a lease.  Services related to construction or repair projects are not addressed.

It has been suggested that these ongoing additional services might include telecommunication services, uninterruptable power supply ("UPS"), emergency power supply ("EPS"), special security services, and document shredding.  However, as explained below, in the experience of the writer's law firm, except for EPS, landlords will seldom provide those services directly to tenants.  Instead, tenants contract directly with the service providers for those services.

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