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Wolfgang Kaufmann is a senior trial lawyer, mediator and arbitrator. Since joining Daoust Vukovich LLP in 1997, Wolfgang's practice has focused on litigation and arbitration relating to commercial leasing, real estate, franchising, construction liens and bankruptcy re-organizations.

Wolfgang has extensive experience before the courts, conducting trials and arguing motions, applications and appeals. He has acted on many legal matters which have been reported in legal periodicals as having an impact on the law.

However, Wolfgang favours a results-oriented practical approach to resolving legal disputes that does not necessarily entail the expense of a trial before a judge. Experience in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other alternate dispute resolution methods allow him to offer clients innovative and creative solutions to legal problems.


As an experienced mediator Wolfgang offers you the opportunity to resolve your dispute at any stage of the proceeding, from before the writ has dropped, right up to the courthouse steps. In his experience there is not one technique or method for a successful mediation. Each case is unique and the mediator must tailor his or her approach to meed the needs of the parties, the nature of the dispute and the stage of the proceedings. That is where Wolfgang's years of experience come into play. His goal is clear; facilitate the resolution of your case.


As an experienced arbitrator Wolfgang offers you depth of knowledge and experience in: commercial leasing, real estate litigation, construction liens, franchising law, and condominium disputes. Wolfgang has over 28 years of experience in arbitrating and litigating disputes in these areas. His experience allows him to get right down to the business of arbitrating your case.

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Recognition & Awards

Named in the 2020 Best Lawyers™ in Canada list


Good Faith Negotiation and Performance of Lease Covenants

Feb 25, 2014 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann and Brian Parker (The Commons Institute Commercial Leasing Essentials Live Webcast 2014) "Good faith" is a term that i...

Arbitration and Mediation of Commercial Lease Disputes

Dec 10, 2013 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann and Brian Parker (16th Commercial Real Estate Leases 2013) Commercial leases often involve long-term relationships. It...

Construction Lien For Dummies

Feb 24, 2011 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (with David Holmes) (ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference 2011) Tenant's contractors and their subcontractors ...

Arbitration Clauses: What Should They Say and How Do I Use It?

Feb 25, 2010 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann and Gasper Galati (ICSC Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference 2010) The Arbitration Process  Arbitration is a l...

Reeling Them In: What To Do When There Is A Default

Aug 01, 2002 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (LSUC, "Casting the Net Commercial Lease", vol. 22, No. 8) When there is a default there are three areas which should ...

When Can a Tenant Withhold Rent?

Aug 01, 2002 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (Shopping Centre Newsletter, Vol. 22, No. 8) Leases commonly include a 'no set-off' provision such as, "Rent shall be ...

Pitfalls in Enforcing Remedies

Jun 02, 2002 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (Ontario Bar Association- "Leasing Lawyers: Avoiding Hot Water In a Cold Economy") The economy is not as cold as origi...

System Two: Rent and Rent Recovery

Dec 08, 2000 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann and Ken Beallor (Lexpert Seminar- Fundamentals of Commercial Leasing) ​To understand the fundamentals of the commerci...

Dealing with Rent Disputes

Jun 21, 2000 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (For Lorman Education Services) This seminar is designed for landlords, tenants, property managers and leasing consult...

Default Remedies

Mar 09, 2000 | Article

Written by Wolfgang Kaufmann (ISCS 2000) In this paper, we present an overview of the issues which often arise where is a default under a commercia...

Curing or Killing the Sick Real Estate Deal: Litigation and Real Estate Strategies

Apr 22, 1999 | Article

Written by J.E. Dennis Daoust with Wolfgang Kaufmann & Eric K. Gillespie (Canadian Bar Association (ON)) The law of commercial leasing is part ...


Ontario Superior Court clarifies the limitation period under the Construction Act

Feb 27, 2019

The Ontario Superior Court has once again confirmed that time limits under the Construction Lien Act (now the Construction Act)

Ontario Superior Court rules on the interplay between Unique Covenants for a Commercial Landlord

Jan 10, 2019

A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice examined the interplay between non-competition agreements and rights of first refusal in...

Ontario Superior Court of Justice sets aside $12 million arbitration award and holds that arbitrator overstepped his bounds

Aug 23, 2018

In a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision, the court set aside an arbitral award of over $12 million despite the fact that the arbitra...


Oct 12, 2016

A recent decision from the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench provides landlords with some guidance and clarity on the duty to mitigate dama...


Aug 29, 2016

We’re delighted to announce that the following 7 lawyers from Daoust Vukovich LLP were included in the 11th Edition of The Best Lawyers in Ca...

Wolfgang Kaufmann

P: 416-597-3952

Raquel Aleman
P: 416-598-7054


  • Law Society of Upper Canada, 1987
  • Member of ADR Institute of Ontario since 2007
  • Regular contributor to continuing legal education programs, as both a speaker and writer
  • Recognized by Best Lawyers in Canada
  • Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution - Faculty of Law, University of Windsor


  • Bachelor of Laws, cum laude, University of Ottawa, 1985
  • Master of Arts, Department of Political Economy, University of Toronto, 1978
  • Bachelor of Arts, York University, Department of Political Science, 1975
  • Called to the Bar in Ontario in 1987

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