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Technology and Tenants: The Flexibility Imperative, and The Fifth Dimension

Mar 1, 2001 | Article 

Written by Dennis Daoust
(Canadian Shopping Centre Law Conference, BOMEX 200- Building Owners and Managers Association National Conference, Lexpert Seminar - The Annual Commercial Leasing Institute)

Computers, telecommunications, technology, internet resources and commerce, new advances in wireless transmission and reception facilities; the use of fibre optics, copper cable with highspeed capacity, and a thousand other related technology and communications improvements are changing the way we do business. That is also having a dramatic effect on the physical uses of commercial space. The bewildering pace of change, exponential growth rates, mergers, acquisitions, emerging new companies, IPO offerings, advances in communication that allow people to work from home and to work together in real time while occupying distant spaces and locations all mandate flexibility and a greater enhanced awareness of the communications requirements relating to business in space planning. 

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