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Negotiating the Commercial Lease - Letter of Intent/Offers to Lease/Proposals

Sep 13, 2001 | Article 

Written by Natalie Vukovich
Osgoode Hall Law School of York University - Professional Development Programme
Toronto, Ontario

After 15 years of hanging around leasing managers, brokers and real estate representatives, I have learned to understand what gets them excited: a deal. I can relate to their enthusiasm. They've worked hard at persuading, negotiating, cajoling, and they've finally reached the finish line- or so they think. I'm sure I detect, after they've called me to give instructions, a noticeable drop in their degree of enthusiasm. Too many questions, too few answers, ending in my favourite words of instruction, "Just stick to the important stuff, I really want to do this deal!"

One of the most difficult aspects of "the deal" is to document it correctly, and one of the most important decisions in that regard is where to start.

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