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Environmental Issues and Clauses for Commercial Leases - New Concerns - Toxic Mould

Nov 27, 2002 | Article 

Written by Dennis Daoust
(The Six-Minute Real Estate Lawyers 2002)

In the program, Checklists and Systems in Commercial Leasing. A Step Toward Sanity, presented in February 1998, Jay Biroo, who was then Director, Environmental Services for The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, Max Maréchaux, of Miller Thomson, and Catherine G. Ross, of Davies Ward & Beck, presented a paper entitled "Environmental Exposures". The paper was prepared specifically to assist lawyers in negotiating and drafting leases having regard to environmental exposures. It includes annotated checklists, a summary of general principles of Ontario environmental law, comments on environmental site assessments, environmental compliance audits and the professionals who conduct them...

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