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Practice Management in the Commercial Leasing Context

Mar 8, 2011

Every year, the Law Society of Upper Canada hosts the “Six Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer” conference.  This annual conference brings together some of the best and brightest practitioners in the field of commercial leasing to discuss the most topical substantive and procedural issues of the year.  The lawyers at Daoust Vukovich LLP are frequently invited to speak at the conference on various areas of interest.

This year, Jeanne Banka was invited to the conference to present her paper entitled “Practice Management Issues” to conference attendees.  The paper examines some of the more critical practice management issues involved in managing a commercial leasing practice.  Further, it provides several useful tips for establishing best practices when dealing with clients (whether landlords or tenants), leasing clerks and firm staff.

For further information on managing a commercial leasing practice and useful practice tips, please review the full article written by Jeanne Banka entitled "Practice Management Issues" in the link below.

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