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Giving Back: DV Participates in the SickKids Sponsor-A-Family Program

Feb 8, 2018 | Announcements 

For a second holiday season, the DV family participated in The Hospital for Sick Children’s Sponsor-A-Family program.  The program matches community donors with a patient’s family in financial need. Donors prepare and donate a Holiday Hamper filled with items from a family’s wish list.

According to SickKids, the program gives donors an opportunity to provide a family with limited financial resources a memorable and personalized Holiday Hamper filled with items to assist throughout the holidays. By providing families with a Holiday Hamper, SickKids hopes to reduce the financial demands of the holiday season and increase the potential for a positive experience.

This past holiday, DV was matched with Jason* and his family.  Jason is 6 months old and is being treated at SickKids for sickle cell disease. Jason is the youngest of 4, and the only boy in the family. His three older sisters are Molly*, age 3, Gwen*, age 7, and Tina*, who is 9 years old. Dad Sean* is the sole financial provider for this large family as Mom Sara* is currently on maternity leave.

 “Thank you for including something for all of us! Gwen loved the Barbie set, Molly and her Belle doll and so many wonderful clothes for Jason! We also all enjoyed Tina's Guess who game and the beautiful scarf for me! Thank you!” - Jason* & Family

Funds to assist Jason’s family were raised through a series of events and generous donations by lawyers and staff.

The DV family also donated to the general toy and gift drive which provides gifts to the Holiday Room, the Children’s Library, and the Treasure Box.

The DV family hopes that Jason and his family had a special holiday season enjoying our gifts and look forward to participating in the SickKids Sponsor-A-Family program in the coming holiday seasons!

*To protect patient confidentiality, all names have been changed.