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Don't Lien on Me! The Construction Lien Act within the context of commercial leasing

Feb 18, 2015 | Article 

Written by Gasper Galati and Brian Parker
(The Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2015)

This paper addresses construction lien issues which arise when a tenant undertakes improvements to leased premises, specifically considering ways a landlord can protect itself from liability.

There are two ways that a landlord’s interest can become encumbered by a construction lien. One occurs when the landlord falls within the definition of “Owner” as that word is defined in the Construction Lien Act.[1] Under the CLA, “Owner” is given a meaning quite different from its usual meaning. This is especially relevant in landlord-tenant situations, since the landlord, the tenant, or both, may fall within the definition. In this paper I have capitalized the word “Owner” to indicate that it is being used in accordance with its definition under the CLA.

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